sean michael


Originally from Long Beach, NY, Sean moved to Bangor, PA with his family at the age of 7. He was involved in concert & marching band in school, and ultimately joined his first serious project at 21 with the original pop/rock group, "Stasis". In 2009, Chris also joined "Stasis". Since then, the 2 have been playing in various groups together.

Although he has countless musical influences it was in 1994 that he discovered the "new" single, "Purple", by Stone Temple Pilots - the rest was history. In 2016, the idea of forming a tribute to his favorite singer was pitched, and he didn't have to think twice.

In his spare time, Sean is a dedicated father, fiancee, an avid 49ers & Mets fan, a gamer, a pro-wrestling ring announcer, a weekly radio host for 2 shows on WLVU and works. (He likes to stay busy). 

Sean plays Sabian XXPlosion cymbals, Sabian 13" Fast-Hats, Tama Drums, Nova (Vic Firth) 5A sticks,  and a Chad Smith Signature Pearl Snare Drum.